"Shadow WiFi" in Playa Agua Dulce in Peru

Year of implementation: 
Added value of technology: 
Increase performance of public open spaces
Increase understanding on users
Technology applied: 
Sensory informatics
Synergetic interface
Typology of open spaces: 
Playgrounds and spaces for children and young people
Outdoor sports and recreation facilities with public access
Other types
Short description: 

“Shadow WiFi” it´s a Wi-Fi network developed by Happiness Brussels that only operates on devices that are in the shade of the sun. The first installation was on the Playa Agua Dulce in Peru, launched with the Peruvian League Against Cancer.

Instead of simply informing people of the dangers of UV rays, the agency created a “Shadow WiFi” network, which only works when users are in the shade.

Why is it relevant as Cyberpark: 

The Shadow WiFi enables people to interact with technology, providing free internet access, and at the same time, technology contributes to creating awareness for the prevention of skin cancer.