The MONITORING TOOL CyberParks is being developed within the COST Action CyberParks and is a result of strong international cooperation of ICTs developers, urban designers/landscape architects and social/behavioural scientists. The TOOL CyberParks aims at providing support for fieldwork on the interactions between people and the public urban spaces making use of the potential opened up by mobile technologies.
The TOOL CyberParks consists of a smartphone application (app) and a web service. It is developed towards increasing data and insights on how people use public spaces by tracking the users’ activities outdoors - collecting paths and time, and by allowing researchers to pose questions to users when asserted Points of Interest (PI) are reached. Both enable the gathering of meaningful data about the use and context opinions.
For researchers the web services monitors the tracked paths in real time allowing to visualize people’s routes, filtered by gender, age, occupation, or reason for visiting the space, and to analyse the responses of users, regarding suggestions and complains.
Besides these functionalities, the Tool also provide users with contextual information on PIs through augmented reality, to send suggestions or complains (via text, videos), or to answer the posed questions.
The MONITORING TOOL CyberParks creates therefore interactive contents making the exploration of public spaces more engaging and participative process.

The TOOL can be downloaded from Google Play (Android based users) and App Store (iOS based users), look for "cyberparks".
The USER MANUAL of the tool can be downloaded from the link below in Files.


How to support the research

If you live in cities mentioned below you can support the project just using the app! To do so you need to download it and access it every time you use one of the public spaces used as case study areas. As users walk through these public spaces, the mobile app collects data about your itinerary; that data provides researchers with real-time information and therefore increase our knowledge on the interaction between you and the spaces. The data will be used towards recommendations to the councils in order to provide better and inclusive urban spaces, fix problems, and plan long term investments.

The app can be used in:
Barcelona, Bilbao, Bristol, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Thessaloniki
If you want the monitoring tool to work in your city, please contact us.

Further information:

Alfonso Bahillo Martínez, PhD, PMP

University of Deusto
Avda. Universidades 24,
48007 Bilbao – Spain