Musical stairs in Sarajevo

Year of implementation: 
Added value of technology: 
Increase performance of public open spaces
Technology applied: 
Synergetic interface
Typology of open spaces: 
Other types
Short description: 

One of the new places to visit in Sarajevo is the "music stairs", located in the Pruščakova street.The idea, is to refresh the old stairs and make this public space a more attractive place.
The place is dedicated to music from the pre-war era of the old Yugoslavia. Standing boxes, with short text about the songs and their history offer a "look back" to few important musical groups that were popular during Yugoslavian time.
In each box two different bands can be heard, so an user can select different songs, relax and spend some time in this interesting place.
This is a very interesting development because this space was totally neglected decades before.

Why is it relevant as Cyberpark: 

Sarajevo is very specific city, with very sad war history. The development of the city is still in progress and in recovery from the war, even though more than 20 years passed by.
These musical stairs are the example of how the technology even though little and simple way (basic music players) gives opportunity to citizens to use public spaces.

People involved in the project: 

Municipality Center - Sarajevo