Year of implementation: 
Added value of technology: 
Increase performance of public open spaces
Technology applied: 
Synergetic interface
Typology of open spaces: 
Short description: 

The Graz CityInfoTerminal is a cooperation between municipality, advertising industry and the cultural heritage commission. As part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage, the city center of Graz is strongly observed for new "interventions". Therefore, the new CityInfoTerminals are not only video screens. They have an interactive map backside (based on an local Info Screen App) and a defibrillator for emergency cases. The terminals are designed by architects and their places (of disposition) where picked together with urban planners to be sure that they are in the right place and do not interrupt the homogeneous inner city flair. The advertising showed on the 84 inch screens is technically and contently regulated, no videos, nor capturing user data or any active data crawling. And - finally - a lot of "old school" poster walls had to be removed for this new digital outdoor advertising terminals.

Why is it relevant as Cyberpark: 

As there are a lot of inner city video projections, this example demonstrates very good the problems connected with this (not so) new advertisement features in urban areas. It has some approaches how this problems could be solved and what are the interdisciplinary tasks that must be done. As fare as the process is not very well documented, this is a further task to be done.

People involved in the project: 

Municipality of Graz, Ankünder (Gewista), Altstadtkommission Graz, Energie Graz.