Superilla (Superbloc/Superiland) Poblenou, Barcelona

Year of implementation: 
Added value of technology: 
Enhance publicness
Technology applied: 
Position informatics
Typology of open spaces: 
Short description: 

The first superblock in the street plan originally designed by Cerdà is now a reality. Changes to mobility in the area mean that the block between C/ Badajoz, C/ Pallars, C/ La Llacuna and C/ Tànger is now ready. The modifications, conveniently signposted and backed up by an information campaign and extra policing, affect the circulation of private vehicles, buses and bicycles. The aim of the superblock is to humanise the area, helping make the city more sustainable and gaining more space for citizens.

Around the nine blocks delimited by the four streets, private vehicles no longer have priority. Though they are able to access any point in the area they are not able to cross the zone completely. The first superblock in the Cerdà street layout works by preventing through traffic within it and freeing up space for use by local residents. Four new squares have thus been created and over 8,000 square metres have become available for purposes other than mobility, such as interaction, recreation, culture and democracy.

Why is it relevant as Cyberpark: 

New urban open space related to urban planning and botton up movements.

People involved in the project: 

Barcelona City Hall, Neighbors' Associations.