Ars Electronica Festival and public performance

Year of implementation: 
Added value of technology: 
Enhance publicness
Technology applied: 
Synergetic interface
Typology of open spaces: 
Parks and gardens
Short description: 

Yearly Festival along the river Danube and the park using digital information to create an new form of Space in relation with contemporary art including music, light, digital information and performance.
The building represents also a permanent Museum for the Festival. Ars Electronica has amassed one of the world’s largest archives about digital media art over the last 30 years. In addition to all Ars Electronica publications since 1979, it includes a comprehensive database with information about all submissions to the Prix Ars Electronica competition.
The public Performance atractsyearly up to 50.000 spectators and actors in the public arear to interact.

Why is it relevant as Cyberpark: 

The festival is an example of temporary public interaction, electronic and digital media and art.