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Aleksandra Đukić is Associate Professor at Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Urban Design, University of Belgrade. She is visiting Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Banja Luka.
Her field of professional activities and research is directed on urban design and planning , urban morphology and urban renewal . She has presented her papers at world conferences. She has published monograph: "Practicum for interactive base of information data for brownfield locations" (2014), UrbanLab Belgrade 2020, (2012), more than 80 articles and chapters in international and national scientific journals and books focusing on the problems of identity of urban pattern, quality of public space, urban regeneration and climate change. Her recent published articles and book chapters: “Principles of climate sensitive urban design analysis in identification of suitable urban design proposals. Case study: Central zone of Leskovac competition” (2015), „Vis-à-vis Communication? The Digital and Physical Spaces of Interaction in the Contemporary City” (2015), "Open Public Spaces for Healthier Cities" (2015), "Renovation of open public spaces in suburban settlements vs. users` needs: case study New Belgrade" (2012); "Creative Cultural Tourism as a function of City Competitiveness" (2012); "ICT Instruments as Possible Support for the Equal Distribution of Population" (2009).

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Research interests are: historical, cultural and physical aspects of urban environment, urban morphology and transformations as well as relations between ICT and public space.

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