Ina Suklje Erjavec

MC Vice-Chair
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Ina Šuklje Erjavec (M.Sc) is graduated (diploma and Master of Science) in Landscape Architecture at the University of Ljubljana. She has a national status of researcher and is an authorized landscape architect and spatial planner with the licence. At the Urban Planning Institute she is senior researcher and a project leader of several projects at the national and international level. She has comprehensive research experience in the theoretical and empirical studies of urban landscape planning and design, as well in developing of urban landscape planning and design guidance and methodologies, and practical issues of urban landscape design and implementation. Among others she was a project leader for Green System development in several cities, “Basic guidelines and rules for the urban green development for Slovenia cities and Northern City park of Ljubljana, and a project partner in GreenKeys, In.Flow.ence and Sha.p.e.s EU projects. She is a Vice-chair of CyberParks project.

Research interests: 

• Methodologies, guidelines and systems for comprehensive urban landscape development.
• Planning and design of public open space and urban green areas.
• Understanding and defining different typologies and characteristics of urban open and green spaces.
• Spatial aspects important for quality of life.
• Relationship between form and function, between needs and values of users, uses and places.
• Defining aspects of quality of place and living environment.
• Development new types and elements of open space that are linked to new lifestyles, values and technological possibilities.
• Exchanging experiences and ideas between different professions to develop new knowledge and a comprehensive overview about new challenges for urban public open and green space development.
• Challenge the city of Ljubljana to develop and use the possibilities we have opened with the design of the urban park in Ljubljana.

Institution and contacts:
Trnovski pristan 2
Ljubljana, Slovenija
Ina.Suklje-Erjavec [at]