Jose Diogo Mateus

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Diogo Mateus, holds a diploma degree (5 years), PhD and Master Degree in Urbanism by Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, and is Assistant Professor, and former head (2009 – 2012) in the Department of Urban Planning of the Universidade Lusófona, teaching in PhD, Master and bachelor programmes. He is researcher on Territorial Studies at CeiED - Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development, Lusófona University. His research interests focus on urban quality (assessment and monitoring), urban theory and practise, and the use of public spaces. He has been working in different projects concerning urban areas and the relationship between people (users) and space. He is also urbanist at Geoideia where he develops urban and regional plans, territorial studies and analyses. He is founder and actual president of APROURB - Portuguese Professional Association of Urbanists.

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Urban planning/urban design (theory & practice) | Urban rehabilitation | Urban Quality (Assessement ) | European Urban Policies | Public space (use of).

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Av. do Campo Grande, 376
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