Kai Dolata

Member of: 
Working Group WG 1 - Digital methods
Short biography: 

Kai studied Architecture at Technical University Dresden. He has worked as an urban and regional planner for several institutions such as Büro für urbane Projekte and Kassel University as well as with his own collaborative group www.urbikon.com. He served as a Board member for the Regionale Südwestfalen and is founding member of european architect's network wonderland.
Besides is professional education as an architect his focus on ICT has began with digital techniques in the late GDR and has ben professionalized both in the e-commerce sector and the media-art, serving as project manager in companies like ART+COM (www.artcom.de) and Mad Geniuses (www.pixi.eu).
In 2012 he has been a founding member and since autumn 2014 an elected board member of the association Flussbad Berlin, whose goal is to transfer a Spree river side-arm within Berlin's city centre into an accessible public space. A stretch of almost 2 km will be re-naturalised, the water will be treated to gain swimming water quality and a total area of 2,5 ha ca be used for swimming next to the UNESCO world heritage site Museum Island. (www.flussbad-berlin.de).

His main interests has always been the opportunity given by digital methods and instruments within the urban and regional planning realm, both as communication tool and as a working device.

Research interests: 

Big Data, physical sensoric, mixed media ict, urban and human health monitoring

Institution and contacts:
kai.dolata [at] urbikon.com