Viera Joklova

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She has practice in the architectural and urban design, pedagogic experiences in the urban and architectural studio designs, computer aided architectural design, long distance learning in architecture and town planning, virtual studio design. She is associate professor, researcher and project manager working for 8 years in managing national and European funded programs at the FA STU Bratislava, in the field of long distance education in architectural studio designs, urban sustainable development and effective housing design. She leads the Department of Computer and Multimedia Design at FASTU and is a partner manager in 3 LLP Erasmus projects from 2007 till 2016. She is regularly publishing at international conferences and journals on the topic of application of ICT in architectural and urban design and education.

Research interests: 

Research is focused in the field of urban design exploring the multidisciplinar aspects of urbanism, new approaches in planning and design of urban public spaces, influenced by the new technologies and new ways of life, which can enhance the perception of urban space and perception of planning processes (large urban distressed areas, habitat regeneration strategies, participatory urban design) and utilization of ICT in architecture and urban design (blended learning, long distance collaborative tools, virtual studio design).

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Namestie slobody 19, Slovakia
812 45
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