Collaborative design and citizen engagement - methods and practices for the development of ICT and public space projects

Fiona McDermott
April 7th to 13th, 2016

The questions of how and to what degree stakeholders, particularly citizen groups and social enterprises are engaged in the design of projects that bring ICT and public space together are critical to the
sustainable development of such projects. While there has been much research examining the dynamics of participation in design, and the role that different groups of stakeholders, facilitators and coordinators
can play in the design process within the domains of HCI and Participatory Design, there has been little research on these factors in the context of urban design and public space projects. For this reason, the aim of this proposed STSM is to investigate the various guises of stakeholder engagement methodologies and approaches as employed in such projects that bring ICT, urban design and public space together.

Using the EU project ‘OrganiCity’ as a case study, this mission reports on various aspects of the project stakeholder engagement strategy and activities including the initial user research, public engagement
activities, communication mechanisms and collaborative design tools. Through a complex programme of online and offline engagements, the OrganiCity project seeks to build a strong foundation for future
sustainable cities through co-creation by a wide range of stakeholders. In doing so it has opened up a data platform and a comprehensive suite of technology tools to enable citizens, researchers, businesses
and city government to create their own experimental applications and services using smart technology.

This research highlights the broad resources and extensive efforts that are required of the facilitating organizations in order to support the different stakeholders across various physical and virtual mode of
engagement and at different stages of the project from ideation to design, implementation and evaluation. The outcomes of the STSM are intended to provide the Cyberparks Cost Action with an insight
into the current state of affairs of stakeholder engagement within the very specific context of a project that aims to create collaborative city experiments using ICT and urban data tools.