Content and layout design for a mobile application, paired with sensors installed in Parco del Cardeto, Ancona, Italy.

Eneko Osaba
March 27 to April 07, 2017

One of the main parts of COST Action TU1306 is the development and research of the applicability in public spaces of ICT tools which serve as interface between the people and this kind of spaces. One of the characteristics of these platforms is their facility for gathering different kind of data coming from different sources, such as users, sensors or web services. Anyway, one of the main challenges of these ICT tools is the correct harmonization and use of all the collected data, with the intention of providing researchers and users with valuable information and statistics. This STSM is closely related with this challenge, and it is focused in the correct pre-processing and analysis of the data coming from the different sensors installed in Parco del Cardeto. Specifically, the study will be oriented towards the exploration and exploitation of this urban park, and its botanic and historic Points of Interest (POIs). Additionally, and after the finishing of this STSM, it is intended to perform additional research using the work performed during this period as base.