Propagation and distribution of electromagnetic field from ICT devices in public spaces

Jugoslav Jokovic
May 23rd to May 31st, 2015

This scientific mission is proposed in order to analyze the relevance of the propagation and determination of electromagnetic (EM) field level from RF (radio frequency) and microwave sources (broadcasting transmitters, base station for mobile networks, local networks), in particular the service area determination and EM field exposure, in terms of planning, management and usage of public spaces. EM field exposure, caused by the increased and unavoidable presence of RF and microwave radiation from ICT devices as various sources of EM field, has emerged as an important social and public issue. Since the necessity of EM field monitoring in context of using ICT in public spaces, as well as the public promotion and education on the risk of EM field exposure, represent a significant social goal, the several technical challenges have been foreseen in the development of the proposed research: from the method for exposure assessment in case of broadband monitoring approach and modelling of EM field in vicinity of RF and microwave sources - base stations, broadcasting transmitters, local wireless networks, together with the distribution of EM field from ICT devices used by visitors of public spaces, through the appropriate measurement and exposure assessment methods, to the adequate software support for geo-visualization, acquisition of the data, their processing and public dissemination. Accordingly, the expected achievements of this STSM were formulated as following: specification of research strategy for joint development of solutions for determination of EM field exposure in public spaces, research of methodology suitable for mapping by GIS (Geographic Information Systems) approach - in order to creating a map of public spaces with levels of EM field exposure, and preparation of first draft of joint scientific publication in an International Conference or a Journal.