Support in Research and Communication of CyberParks Final Conference

Maria Kikidou
March 14 to March 26, 2018

The increasing use of technology in everyday life has a remarkable effect in the way we perceive and experience our cities, their public spaces and cultural heritage, as well as the way we communicate. Therefore, the production of new knowledge and a critical review on the role that technology can play in shaping the experience of urban open public spaces is now more than ever necessary. CyberParks Finals conference, as the closing conference of CyberParks project would attempt an overview on these topics and on the working results produced through the four years of the project.
CyberParks Finals was held in ZK/U, Berlin on 11 and 12th April 2018 with the participation of the CyberParks community, as well as external experts and scholars from different backgrounds to discuss among others, the increasing role of ICT in public space use and experience, public services, mobility and other aspects of urban everyday life, analyzing issues such as the materiality of interaction, urban metainterface, citizen-driven public spaces, autonomous vehicles, sharing economy. Moreover, sessions were held on the presentation of the insights from the four-year research developed in CyberParks, and on the local case study, Flussbad Berlin project, a large scale, bottom-up urban development project in Berlin city centre, that deals with providing access to the river Spree, including the creation of physical accessibility, cleaning facilities and public accessibility to water quality data. The STSM was carried out prior to the conference, with the view to assist the local organizing team, Flussbad Berlin e. V. with the organisation of the conference and the preparation of communication material. In specific, the STSM applicant was occupied mostly on: Reviewing the conference's scientific content Communication with conference keynote speakers and participants Refining of the conference programme and activities Concept development and preparation of the conference booklet.