Learning in Technology-enhanced Open Spaces (LiTEOS)

The LiTEOS Task Group will in line with the general goals of CyberParks:

  • Propose technology-intensive educational experiences for each of the TEOS / parks considered in the project,
  • Develop profiles of identified urban spaces according to their educational potential,
  • Identify how this technology-enhanced educational experience can be used to entice citizens to visit the urban space / park,
  • Identify how mobile devices and other electronic gadgets can be used to enhance the educational experience of citizens while they are in a public space,
  • Identify how the blended (real and virtual) learning experience can be extended beyond the CyberParks / TEOS and integrated in the citizen’s life beyond the park / urban space,
  • Develop instruments to evaluate the educational / learning experience in a cyberPark,
  • Organise and contribute to training schools held within the CyberParks Project,
  • Collaborate with WG 3 in the conceptual elaboration and evaluation of the CyberParks model and real life instances of the concept,
  • Collaborate with WG 5 to communicate and disseminate the CyberParks profiles and evaluations developed during the project; promote and disseminate events (such as summer schools) related to the educational dimension of CyberParks and the CyberParks project.