Editorial Board

Objectives & tasks of the Editorial Board:

  • clarify intellectual properties as CyberParks is based on common and cooperative work;
  • check if the dissemination materials (papers, publications, information, texts for internet or similar, etc.) are in accordance with the COST rules (see topic 8, COST Vademecum Part 1);
  • develop guidelines for publication about the CyberParks and ensure their application;
  • ensure that all relevant results and conclusions of the different activities in the framework of the Project are tailored and disseminated, especially to the four target groups identified in the MoU: scientific community, decision makers and stakeholders, ICT developers, public spaces users.
  • provide support for WG5 in accomplishing the CyberParks’ dissemination strategy < download to dissemination strategy> and the legacy plan
  • keep up to date the list of dissemination materials produced by the participants, the Universidade Lusófona/Lisbon is in charge with this topic.